PlaySome a PlayStation 3 site powered by Xoops
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Published by playsome on 12-Sep-2009 01:15
Hey all,

after a couple of months working on my site I am glad to announce that it is now live and is proudly powered by Xoops.

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PlaySome is a PlayStation 3 website offering news and information on games, hardware, release dates, videos, screenshots and pretty much anything to do with PS3.

The theme of the site is a modified version of the default xoops theme, I have also used the xoRewriteModules hack, I have used a fair amount of modules also, my main modules are:

Article 2.00RC - alot of template modifications to make it more cleaner and leaner looking, removed alot of uneeded stuff.

Wordbook - for the cheats module, this was cloned/renamed so it would have URL like cheatID= also done a bit of template modification on that.

Planet module
MyDownloads module - some basic template mods
xcGal - some minor template mods

I also have some custom static modules made using the 'dummy' module.

I hope you like what ive done, please give me any feedback you can so I can try and make it better.