Temple Of The Jedi Force
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Published by terrion on 02-Jan-2008 07:25
The Temple Of The Jedi Force is a religious community united in our mutual quest for understanding of the universe which we inhabit and the primal Force that set all creation in motion. Known by many names, the Force of Creation takes the shape of the divine and the spark of the divine within all living things. We do not discriminate based on race, color, sex, or religious creed. All are welcome as long as they have an open mind and share the communities belief in a Force or Universal Power that is the source for all of creation.

We are a community united in using our powers, mental, physical, spiritual and mystical for the good of ourselves and others. Our goal is to educate and instruct seekers of truth and knowledge in the mysteries of Jediism and how all religions relate to it's teachings. So that followers of this philosophy my find greater joy and self mastery in their lives. We share a path of enlightenment and seek to use said powers in a quest to understand our connection to the universe and each and every living thing in it. We are not role-playing the Jedi you have seen in Star Wars but are Real Jedi, in this Galaxy, in this Universe.

Jediism is both an old and new religion; we did the same thing that religions have done for thousands of years … we assimilated spiritual teachings from other and ancient faiths. Christianity, Humanism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Mysticism, as well as the honorable martial art’s philosophies; this spiritual mixture is potent. We call this fusion“ Jediism”. Please join us in our quest for understand and enlightenment.

Please join us a www.TempleoftheJediForce.org