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Published by macmend on 01-May-2007 11:09
So about 8 weeks ago my partner had a baby and hackers decided to bring down the hosting server of my websites.

I have slowly rebuilt

But let it be a lesson to us all protection and security are very important, use protector and check the security tips at XOOPS tips, and on this site...but most of all back-up both the files and the sql. Because you may back up the database but if you dont have the files it relates to ...YIKES!.

So is back, bassman themes is making me a new theme (at the moment still on the old one.) and I am slowly repopulating the knowledge base (FAQ) but I lost some years of forum questions and answers.

In the process of rebuilding, I discovered a lot....initially i tried Joomla as an alternative (difficult to install and buggy...and a CMS which is the result of a split in the development team).

Then as I gathered together all the bits of XOOPS and modules etc, I discovered how fragmented the XOOPS community has become, I am not a coder or a developer, but i do understand what users want and how group dynamics work. I have worked in IT for years but am also a psychologist counsellor and motivator(please see my post HERE )
The main thing I can offer this community is the chance to conciliate, to put forward a mission statement, to move, work and reach our aims together.

Having lost things that meant alot to me through stupidity and I don't just mean my web site, I am well aware how division, fragmentation and conflict can lead to disaster.