completes the rewriting of its URL’s
Category : YAXS
Published by Dona_Brasil on 03-Dec-2006 12:51 is a website on Brazil, Brazilian culture and the Brazilian way of life. has been online for more than a year. Over the last months, its URL’s have been rewritten to look more friendly to humans and search engines. Categories have got URL’s like and other pages have URL’s like ... -from-Brazil/guarana.html .

Until recently, it was not easy to rewrite URL’s with XOOPS. A number of modules like SmartSection now offers the opportunity to do it. However, SmartSection’s manual refers to rewriting URL’s for weblogs. We needed more liberty as we wanted the URL’s to reflect the structure of the website’s content.

Fortunately, it appeared to be possible to rewrite URL’s in such a way while using the same module. It requires one rewrite rule per page. Its technique to rewrite URL’s is described here.