Category : YAXS
Published by jdseymour on 17-Nov-2006 09:34
Originally, I started this site using version 2.2 of XOOPS, but recently rebuilt the site from the ground up with XOOPS version 2.0.15. Not all features are available yet, but building up the site on a regular basis.

TutorialMasters.com will in the future become a subscription site for hard to find tutorials, but will also offer its share of free ones.

Also TutorialMasters.com will offer services for custom tutorial design for software developers as well as Internet service providers.

So far I have mirrored my XOOPS flash tutorials on the site.

I am now working on a series of tutorials that covers the Gentoo Linux installation over the Internet from the minimal install CD.

All tutorials on the site are free for now.

See the site at www.tutorialmasters.com