The III Free Software Latin American Conference - Latinoware
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Published by Silviotech on 25-Oct-2006 07:42
Paraná will host in November another international big event about computer programs of open source code. The III Free Software Latin American Conference - Latinoware is schedule for 16 and 17 of November in the city of Foz do Iguaçu in the dependeces of Itaipu Technological Park, wich is been cogitaded to be the host of the future Mercosul University, in a promotion of Itaipu Binacional Powerplant ( and Celepar - Paraná's Informatics. To promote the event, it has been created a site in colaboration with the Xoops comunity of Paraná in the address that, besides news, it will count with the registration service and general information about the event.

Besides international and representative personalities of countries of Latin America, the Latinoware will be stage for many public and private agencies to show its solutions. The Paraná Government, for example, will present many products developed in free software by Celepar and how it managed to save R$ 127 millions in three years with the use and development of this technology. The National Institute of Information Technology - ITI (, from Federal Government, will use the event to debate the implementation of the Digital Certification in Brazil. In the same way, the Difusion Center of Technology and Knowledge - CDTC, linked to the Ministry of Planning, it's going to promote workshops of instructors formation of long-distance courses about free software. Currently, more than 7 thousand public employees from diferent levels participate of the courses promoted by CDTC ( that intends to expand it's public to users from Latin America, offering courses in Spanish language. Also the Parana Federal University ( will present one of it's most important products developed in free software, the multiterminal laboratory, which allows that four people use the same server in four independent terminals. Another advantage of the multiterminal its the price, 50% of an ordinary laboratory. The multiterminal laboratory work as pilot-laboratory from Digital Paraná, an informatization program with internet access of 2100 public schools. In a first stage it has been instaled 44 thousand computers in the schools.

In the preparation for the event in Foz do Iguaçu, the Mercosul Latinoware has gathered in Curitiba in the end of the last year more than 2 thousand people from 14 countries.

The former director from Gnome Foundation and actual consultant from Linux Green House, Thimoty Nei is the first international speaker to confirm the presence in Latinoware.

And the Xoops Parana's comunity it's already been confirmed in the event with Lectures and the Meeting of the Brasilian and Parana Xoops comunity, wait for more information.