Moving Xoops Tutorials URLs
Category : YAXS
Published by jdseymour on 20-Sep-2006 03:38
From the beginning I have used wfsection 2.07 beta for my flash tutorial presentation module. I think it is time to move these to a module that has a history, and will continue to be supported by developers. As such I am currently migrating all tutorials to the smartsection module.

I will, due to the massive amounts of external links as well as search engine links, keep the wfsection links active for an extended period of time. But I would like to ask that all that have linked to the tutorials to update their links.

The following are the main categories of the tutorials, there are sub categories also:

1. Tutorials Main

2. XOOPS 2.0x Tutorials

3. XOOPS 2.2x Tutorials Will keep available until XOOPS 2.3 is released.


XOOPS Module Tutorials Some of these are in need of upgrading to reflect the new features in CBB.

Please feel free to join my site and give me feedback on changes as well as suggestions of new tutorials needed.

And again please update your links and bookmarks as the original links will be taken down after a while.