Zoops goes Globally Oneness!
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Published by wizanda on 20-Jul-2006 07:46
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This is a new Polished release of Wizanda again as one really improved site! So no one get the wrong idea…

We have just found some amazing tricks, we have just learned for Xoops, with the help of the Oneness alone; not studying; yet just on our mission.

So have a look at our pages; where on my own, we have Iframes of Myspace and Yahoo360 page!!!
Making it cross internet compatible, now let’s get Xoops out of the box, as when we just did this with our chat system you can use it from this link on Xoops Forge to chat on my site.
Like wow people think of the possibilities if we work together with this?
You see being unsure as we break no copyright, we have not taken anything and copied it.
It is basically a window as in the law as we see? So Iframes are all good in Koivi editor and this means Xoops, being used with CBB.
This is as Yahoo and MySpace have given users their own home pages and these need linking together for us; so who, on the web wants a place that can’t link sites together anymore?
So this is to all Xoops users just to learn, that an Iframe in Xoops isn’t like any other system, that you can’t use it.
Xoops is the best and this is to remind us all why we all chose Xoops to begin...
As to add an Iframe direct to conversation, rather then a page link, when using Koivi in CBB…
As long as you do not break original laws, this makes the whole net, Xoopers play ground!!!
When we all get our systems running like ours is; with the help of Oneness.
Thankz all
Peace Love AN Unity B WITH Us
Let's get our head's out of boxes, as the mustard seed does, if you put it in a box...life is a circle!