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Published by Mamba on 29-Jul-2008 11:36
As you might know, we have a XOOPS location on YouTube: XoopsCMS. The location is meant to be the repository of XOOPS related videos, especially tutorials. We will also have links to XOOPS videos from other people, which will be placed in Favorites. As a starter, we have a collection of 21 video tutorials created by Albert Marketing:
How to Setup Header Logo
Adding Required Plugins for Xoops
How to Setup Banners in Xoops
How to Configure PD-Downloads on Xoops
How to Setup Index page and Categories on Xoops
How to Setup Custom User groups
How to Setup Paid Downloads Inside Categories on Xoops
How to Setup Subscriptions on Xoops
How to Configure General Setting of Frontpage on Xoops
How to Setup User info, Meta tags and Footer inside Xoops
Setup Word Censoring, Search, Mail, Authentication options
How to Modify Subscription
How to Setup Frontpage of Xoops
How to Setup Forum Permissions on Xoops
How to create categories and forums on Xoops
How to install Document Management Module in Xoops
How to add Paypal Subscription Gateway on Xoops
How to Change the Look of your Site in Xoops
How to Add Screenshot and Set Permissions on Xoops
How to install Xoops using Fantastico
Xoops | How To Install A Forum Module
Enjoy them, and if you have any XOOPS videos that you would like to share with the XOOPS community, please let us know. Also, please let us know what kind of tutorials would you be interested in.