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Category : YAXS
Published by chrisz on 02-Aug-2003 21:56
I recently discovered XOOPS and I have to say it is the absolute BEST CMS I have seen. I've tried many others to get my site up and running and there was always something I hated about it or it just lacked the functionality I required. I'm not an expert programmer and find my way through code learning more and more all the time. My specialties are automation and electronics. Two others and myself registered Smart Automation, Inc. almost two years ago. It's hard to get a site up and running working full-time more than 40 hours a week, but thanks to XOOPS and the XOOPS community, my site is well on its way. The site is dedicated to automation, computers, and electronics. My goal is to have an online resource for information in those areas. My pet peeve with the internet is having to go through many sites trying to get all the information you need to answer one question.

Anyways, the site is up with quite a bit of work left to do, however, my download section is available as well as user forums. If you have scripts you are submitting links to with other sites, please stop by my site and submit your links. I do have a category for XOOPS and would more than welcome your submissions!

Great job on XOOPS! Thank you for a great CMS!

Christopher Zeman
Smart Automation, Inc.