Using Xoops in a Frames-based site as a hidden CMS
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Published by jeffgr on 20-Apr-2004 18:11
Hello there everyone! is an example of how I have implemented Xoops as a hidden, behind-the-scenes CMS in a regular frames-based web site.

Some notes:

- the site is your typical "inverted-L" shaped interface, which I like to stick with because it is easy for the user to use/understand, but also for me to add graphics to the interface.

- each page that loads in the main central frame is actually a page served up by the TinyContent Module, in Xoops. The main frame is actually a modified version of the theme "Legend", where I have removed all but one central table, with the code to call Xoops data in the middle.

- there is a hotspot hidden near the top right-hand corner on the interface that allows the client to access the login page. I hacked the Xoops Admin pages, so he is brought right to the TinyContent admin page.

Many of my clients ask for web sites that allow them to make changes to the site content themselves. The problem is, these sites either all look the same, or are so complicated/have a long learning curve that you might as well be a web designer yourself. By using Xoops as the CMS engine behind the scenes, the owner of this site only has to login, pick the page they want to edit, and then they are presented with the TinyContent page editor.

- I also like the way how the frames archetecture of the site masks the urls of the pages...

(right click on each page to see the true url)

Thanks to all Xoops developers and the Xoops community!