Donate to XOOPS this month and get Inspire 7 Premium for Free
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Published by insraq on 15-Jul-2010 06:46
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Several days ago, Inspire 7 Lite was released. It is CSS 3-powered XOOPS theme. A very important part of the theme – the slideshow of the front page is not included in the Lite edition; it is now introduced in the Premium edition.

Why Premium is better?

The slideshow is highly integrated with Article module. You can either put up a static article and picture on front page, which can be easily set in the backend of Article module, or create a series of articles with pictures as slideshow. You do not need to modify any line of the code, just follow the detailed manual to adjust some settings and set up the blocks.
The detailed manual can be found here. You can have a preview of the Premium theme.

How can I get it?

To get this Premium edition, you only need to donate to XOOPS! You can donate whatever amount you like: $1 or $100, it’s up to you.
The detailed procedure is as follows:

1. Donate to XOOPS, take a screen shot of the final checkout page.
2. Send an email to me, and attach the screen shot.
3. I will send the theme files to you after checking the screen shot.

After you successfully acquire the theme file, you will get the privilege of acquiring future upgrades and fix for the theme. Those will be sent to your email address.

Am I still in time?

The event time period is from July 9, 2010 to August. 9, 2010 .

After Aug. 9, 2010, the theme will not be available for sale, that is, you can only get the theme during this month . So please take this chance: support XOOPS community and get Inspire 7 Premium for free!