Our New Theme Gallery ready for Final Testing
Category : Themes
Published by Mamba on 03-Sep-2008 12:56
In our constant drive to make XOOPS Website more user friendly, we have now our new XOOPS Theme Gallery ready for final testing. One missing item is still the breadcrump, but we are working on this.

Original Image

Each Theme will have own preview panel, from which you'll be able to:

- see more info about the theme
- download the theme
- see a demo of the theme

If you click on the Theme thumbnail, you'll have a preview window with a larger picture of the theme. You'll be able to navigate to next or previous theme, or you can close the window and be back where you started. To close the preview window you can click anywhere on the screen.

Please let us know if you like this new XOOPS Theme Gallery.

Big thanks to Burning for his hard work on this, and to Aph3x for his help on the GUI.