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Published by jeffgr on 26-Oct-2007 15:52
Xoops NewsTheme V1

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Theme Description:

A modified version of the Xoops default theme that is suitable for blogging and news sites. The theme has three narrow columns of 170 px, and a wider column for the module content and top/bottom center blocks. The first narrow column beside the module content is actually the "center right" block ("center left" blocks have been disabled).

I recommend using this Xoops theme with either the WordPress or News module for your news or blogging web site. While both modules work fine with this theme "out of the box", you may want to tweak the module templates slightly if you need more space for the module content. For example, on the WordPress module, you can hack the module index page template to remove the sidebar, and use the WordPress sidebar block instead (as it provides the same features, and you can position it in any of the three side columns you like).

The left-side blocks, right-side blocks, center-right blocks and center-center blocks in this theme have the ability to "hide" block titles if you wish. Simply enter the word "none" after the title for that block, and it won't be shown. If you look closely at the theme demo, you can see where I have added a "hidden title" block to each column. Varying the visibility of your block titles like this allows you to create a site that doesn't look like it is powered by a CMS underneath.

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