Userlog: a new module to log user activities
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Published by irmtfan on 26-Feb-2013 12:26
Currently we dont know anything about all activities in our websites done by users, visitors and robots.

Yes. Protector is a module to log malicious activities but you don't have any control on what should be logged and what shouldn't.
This is very limited for a webmaster in a large community website.
More trouble will come when you have 10 admins and 50 moderators in your crowded community website and some contents are deleted/edited/changed and no one know who did it.

Here I introduce a brand new module "Userlog" to solve the above issue and much more.

With this module you can log anything from as minor as a user IP to whole activities like all request methods like GET/POST.

Here is a brief description of userlog you can find in the help section after install:


Userlog is a node logger which can log your user/visitor activities in your site.
This is a very useful tool for webmasters in busy sites. for example you can log your other admins navigation.
current nodes for logging are: user id, user group and visitor ip.

Also this module is coming with a brand new feature:

Many XOOPS users have a wish for a block to see most viewed items in a module or in the whole website in a specific period of time.

for example in news module we just have a most viewed block that shows forever views.
Now with userlog module this wish is covered completly. you have many options in this block. go yourself and play to see.

Please not: this is the first Alpha version

It means you should only use it in test environments and there will not be any upgrade for the next versions.
Also it means you may expect huge changes in files and database structure.

XOOPS 2.5.5 php 5.3 mysql 5.0

To Install
1- upload the userlog to /modules/userlog (upload the compressed file and decompressed via Cpanel is the best way to insure all files are correctly uploaded)
2- go to your admin -> system -> modules -> install
3- change the default settings to your desired in the module preferences


Transifex : Userlog 1.0 Alpha 1 (language files for translators).

Sourceforge : Userlog 1.0 Alpha 1