xDonations 1.96 - FINAL
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Published by zyspec on 22-Sep-2010 16:39

xDonations 1.96 - FINAL
Accept Paypal Donation with IPN Notifications

xDonations is a XOOPS 2 module that allows a site to accept donations from Paypal and track donations using the Paypal IPN notification.


There have been no code changes since v1.96 BETA 2.

New in this release:

See INSTALL.TXT for a more complete change log.

Important Notices:

Please read the INSTALL.TXT file for installation and configuration information. You MUST change configuration settings (Paypal URL, Receiver Email, etc) before using this module.

Backup your existing site before installing/upgrading any new XOOPS module.

Please report any issues to the issues list.

Download: XOOPS xDonations