XooslaCandy v1.0 Alpha
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Published by Catzwolf on 05-Jul-2010 02:19
Hiya Xoopsers,

I have decided to release two new modules for testing. XooslaCore and XooslaCandy and I would be extremely grateful if you guys and girls could help out with their development.


it is a total rewrite of the WF-Resources module, it is smaller, faster will help in the aid of Xoosla Module development in the future and providing many new features both for (Xoosla) developers and users alike. Automatic updates, stats on Xoosla modules and more.


Xoosla Candy was inspired by the Joomla modules, RokCandy by Rocket themes. Xooslacandy works in very much the same way but for Xoops. This module was basically just a test for the new Xoosla module framework and I thought that it could come in handy for Xoopsers out there.

For those of you interested, would you test both these modules out and provide some feedback, good or bad, just as long as it helps in the development process.


Due to the nature of XooslaCandy, it was required that some core files be modified for proper working usage. Also, this module will only work with other modules that use the XoopsEditor framework or with the Xoops default editors. Anything else will most likely fail.

So if you wish to use this module, start annoying the developer of the module that doesn't implement either of these by default.

Instructions on how to install these modules and hacks are in the zip package.

Remember: These modules are considered as Alpha and are only released for testing purposes, as they may change heavily in the future.

Please download from Xoosla Modules

Sorry for my poor grammar tonight,