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Catads 1.53.1 BETA released

Category : Modules | Published by Peekay on 19-Apr-2010 21:23
One of the annoying bugs in the original release of Catads 1.53 BETA was that the pagination of search results didn't work.

It makes a big difference to have this feature working, so I have released a bug-fix version (Catads 1.53.1) plus a patch-file download for those that just want to update the changed files.

It works fine in my tests using Firefox and IE - Xoops 2.3 - PHP 4 - MySQL 4. If you encounter a problem and are using PHP 5 or a later version of Xoops, please post on the main xoops.org forum where hopefully I can gain some additional help in finding a solution.

Download from the 'Files' page at: