WF-Channel V2.01 Full Released
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Published by Catzwolf on 03-Apr-2008 18:55
WF-Channel V2.01

What is WF-Channel?
WF-Channel aims to be as simple as possible, while providing a powerful tool to aid a webmaster in webpage creation. This module is not a replacement for a dedicated article management system, but more a supplement of these other tools and should be treated as such.

Where WF-Channel excels is its ease of use. Every area is well explained with helpful dialog and streamlined admin interface. Whether you just wish to put up one or two webpage’s or more, WF-Channel will make things simple for you.

What’s New in V2.01?
WF-Channel v2 has been written from the ground up, we feel more secure than any other previous versions and we aim to provide patches quickly if required. WF-Channel uses some caching techniques to help reduce strain on servers, like reducing SQL queries, PDF caching and more.

The admin area has been totally redesigned to make working easier and quicker than before. Every item within the admin area is only one click away, which means less work for you in the long run.

Many of the new features may not be apparent straight away, such as mass deletion, cloning and updating of pages and all from the main admin page. You will find this and many more changes like this within WF-Channel.

Every part of WF-Channel front-end is configurable, you choose to display which parts you want your customers to see.

Here is a list of some of the new items within WF-Channel:
1. All code completely rewritten from the ground up,
2. Admin interface completely redesigned for ease of use,
3. Mass updating, deletion and cloning of pages,
4. Almost every item has a helpful hint on its workings,
5. Should be compatible with all versions of Xoops,
6. Supports many text editor,
7. Import HTML and text documents from anywhere on your server,
8. Supports printable and PDF (cached) version of all pages
9. Supports sociable book marking sites
10. Refer page with logs of who has referred who to your website,
11. Anti spamming techniques to stop spammers sending email via your refer pages,
12. Supports a linkable images and text for users to place on their own website,
13. Massive amount of support via WF-Project website,
14. Easily upgradeable from earlier versions,
15. And loads loads more…..

What we are planning for future versions:
1. Mass import of html and text documents,
2. XML support,
3. Trusted path support,
4. Extensive documentation/help files
5. More to be added by user request!

We urge all WF-Channel users to update to this version.

Demo: WF-Channel Demo
Download:WF-Channel 2.01
WF-Resource: WF-Resource V1.02

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