Mastop Publish 1.1
Category : Modules
Published by topet05 on 26-Jul-2007 22:02
After two months of the launch of the Mastop Publish module, our development staff releases the version 1.1 of this module. All the promised changes, found bugs and other additional resources are available in this version. Mastop thanks the Xoops Community for the contacts with comments, suggestions, bugs and compliments. without this feedback our update work would not be possible. Below you can see the new resources and updates: New resources - Possibility to define an author for each page (registered user); - Option to edit, delete, create sub-pages for the content authors; - Button "My Pages", that shows all the pages related/created to a logged user; - New Preferences: "Can the authors edit their own pages?", "Can the authors create sub-pages?" and "Can the authors delete their own pages?"; - Block "Related Pages Menu" - Possibility to create content as an "external link" that allows you to link to other pages; - Option under preferences to use white background in the editor for those ones that use dark backgrounds in their themes and don't want the editor the "inherit" the theme's background; - Under preferences: "Main Page ID" to be called when the Mastop Publish module is access directly from Menu without a related "TAC"; - Possibility to clone pages created before; - Button to group and ungroup pages; - Option to clone blocks so you can have as many menus as you wish; - Button to change the editor for text area or visual editor; Update - TinyMCE visual editor updated to the last stable version (; Corrections - BUG in file comment_new.php that didn't allow Mastop module to work with xoops 2.0.15; - BUG of quotes in the menu and title; - Submenus positioning that were shown under Mastop Go2 and flash files Updating your version of the Mastop Publish module All the corrections, updates and new resources were not related to the database. So, to update the module simply replace the files via the download at Mastop's site. We would thank if any comments, suggestions, bugs, doubts are reported by the the feedback link in the admin page of the module or in the official community forums from Xoops. Thanks to RedEye for this translation. Mastop Open Source Development staff.