New users guide for installing CBB 3.07
Category : Modules
Published by jensclas on 02-Nov-2006 19:26
A guide has been written for new users to assist them with
1. The location and download of the three directories required for installation of CBB 3.07
2. The upload of the directories and installation of CBB
3. Screen shots of the editors avilable for use on CBB 3.07
4. A method for setting the default template (Until it is made selectable in administration)

The guide is part of a started 'Users Manual' for CBB and is hosted on You will find the guide here. New users need to be aware the guide assumes you have some knowledge about managing your site and uploading modules. If you are really new you should also avail yourself of the operations guide from hereand use the FAQ section here at

Current Module Users
Your contribution to the users manuals would be greatly appreciated. You can do this by registering at and make contributions at module registry here. To contribute to the CBB Manual please use this direct link.