Alpha Release of Lace Chat for Xoops
Category : Modules
Published by wizanda on 04-Oct-2006 10:15
Lace is an Ajax, PHP, CSS chat system that is very fast and has a number of good features within its self; this has been incorporated into Xoops.
You can view The chat here and download here working with Xoops group admin in place.

There is still more work to be done by the Lace developer of its self, which is GPL to begin with.
They plan on improving the script and including word filtering, with censored words.
With this in mind the Lace Chat system is working and as is….
Until further development by the authors.
There can be further improvements made within Xoops like using Xoops own censor words and smilies.
Plus auto-filling of Xoops users names, yet considering Lace will store a name across iframes, over different peoples sites it is basically like your own chat network if you need over different sites…without needing Xoops login…or with if at present it is not visible in groups to anonymous, so making it users of a certain site only.
Since the system is already PHP for lace this is not difficult, yet for me I want to see what future improvements the authors add and try to keep hacking of Lace to a minimum for future development.
Though lace could be brought into Xoops as its own index.php with Xoops header this would also mean, changing CSS files, so to keep all simple it is again in an iframe for now….