New Zoops Bibles Beta testers!
Category : Modules
Published by wizanda on 24-May-2006 08:24
Introducing the Zoops Bibles projects, this is 2 Bibles projects in one, both of the newest versions of PHPscriptures by Alex markley and PHPBible by Danny calton.
Inserted into Xoops, now on my site these both work fine and look good, yet I have different setting and somewhere, something isn’t letting it work on all servers.
So I would like to take this project and make it to something really special for Xoops, yet I am by no means an experienced PHP programmer (yet a very fast learner) and need help, from some people who understand what they are doing to begin with.
I am a graphic dezigner and need people who are interested in testing and further development of one of the best Bible systems fast and effective with full wild card lexicon search 2 lexicons, blank page scripture printing and much more… most of that is done, now just to make it work with all Xoops Churches and this needs you.
You can have a look at the project development here and a working version on my site
Also another added feature in Zbible is an Admin system to change CSS, links for the whole site by a selection system.