myAlbum-P 2.70 released
Category : Modules
Published by GIJOE on 05-May-2004 08:58
I'm proud to release myAlbum-P 2.70 as multi-purpose image management module.

In 2.70, I've made myAlbum-P duplicatable.
myAlbum-P 2.70 is the second "Duplicatable Module" following TinyContent-Duplicatable.
All you have to do is copy /modules/myalbum to /modules/myalbum(n). (n=0,1,2,3)

The coding technique creating duplicatable modules -- using __FILE__ and eval() -- is already practicable.

myAlbum-P 2.70 is also implemented import & export feature among multiple myAlbum-P's and ImageManager.

The Image Manager Integration implemented in 2.60 became stronger with I/O to the original ImageManager of XOOPS.

Of course, any duplicated myAlbum-P is usable as ImageManager.

HOW TO use Image Manager Integration:

Add a line into original imagemanager.php like this:
line 28:
include './mainfile.php';
color=ff0000]include 'modules/myalbum/imagemanager.php';  // add this line[/color]
if (!isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['target']) && !isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['target'])) {

If you want to use myalbum(n) as ImageManager, change 'modules/myalbum/' to 'modules/myalbum(n)'