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My name is Byron McKay. I am a web designer, network engineer, and computer hobbiest for about the last twenty plus years.

I created Byron's Blog out of a need I have seen in the XOOPS community. As I was trying to get XOOPS and associated programs running under the Microsoft Windows Operating System, I could find VERY FEW resources of use to those of us who must use Windows on our servers. Thus, ByBlog was born!

I created an achronym for all of us who use Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP, and XOOPS to put together our Server:

W - indows
I - IS
M - ySQL
P - HP

or WIMPX (pronounced WIMPS). So, if you are one of the WIMPX like I am, stop by and share what you know with the rest of us, or gather some information you may not have.

I'm going to try to keep a LOT of XOOPS goodies online for download, and my site also supports ED2K Magnet links and BitTorrents.

I hope you will enjoy the site.

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