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Date 2003/8/29 7:07:58 | Topic: XOOPS

Due to the high request, the German Developer Site myXoopsforge will:

a) move to its own server, only for this site

b) include more features for developers and their projects

c) get an english information page for the non german speaking community

The site will be available next week again under the known URl's:


Hosted projects at the moment:

xoscommerce - the Xoops module of osCommerce
xoopschat - Chat module for Xoops
xoopswap - Wap module for Xoops
shoutcast - a shoutcast radio module
xoops Supermodule - a module with lots of features
myxoopsforge - a Sourceforge Clone for Xoops 2.0.x used on the site

Greetz -- Predator

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