C-JAY Content 2.5 (WYSWYG edition)

Date 2003/8/26 9:15:05 | Topic: Modules

I am proud to announce that C-Jay Content 2.5 is final now.

You can download it at http://c-jay.net.

At the moment I am working on a complete tutorial and the real final version will have the tutorial included. But the module is already functioning.

The main features are:
Wrap HTML pages into xoops
Wrap PHP pages into xoops
Upload files through the module (no need of ftp)
create new HTML pages with the included wyswyg editor (new)
create new PHP pages with the included code editor
wrapped HTML and PHP pages are searchable within xoops
edit wraped HTML pages with the wyswyg editor (new)
edit wraped PHP pages with the code editor (new)
create links to wraped pages either inside it's own block or inside the main menu
Organize you links inside the block with headlines (new)

You have to change the following permissions on the server:
Content Folder 777
Admin Folder 777
Inside Admin:
code_ide 777
tmp_ide.htm 777
tmp_ide.php 777
ide.php.conf 777

Support is only given at http://c-jay.net .

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