Help Novell upgrade their nForge to XOOPS 2.0

Date 2003/8/5 14:36:25 | Topic: Modules

As you all undoubtedly know, Novell has been using the XOOPS adaptation of the SourceForge developer support system, xoopsForge on their own open source development website: . Now Novell is in the process of upgrading their nForge package to be fully functional XOOPS 2 modules. The lead developer on the nForge project invites all XOOPS developers to help in this upgrade operation.
The nForge developers have succesfully upgraded the Code Snippets module.
Developers can access the nForge CVS repository by following this link: . It states what CVS server to put into your CVS program. Use xoops2 as the module name.

If you have succesfully completed the upgrade of a file or module, please contact one of the nForge developers (who can be found here). They will then commit your work, or give you the access to do that yourself.

If we can show the Novell developers and managers that the XOOPS community is an active, participating community with high coding standards and quality coding experience, they might consider participating in the firther XOOPS development. So please give it you best shot

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