Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the wiki documentation!

Date 2003/6/21 8:11:34 | Topic: XOOPS

I just wanted to thank the many contributors to the Xoops wiki over the past few months! The documentation has been growing and improving rapidly thanks to everyone's efforts.

You will probably notice from the homepage (, however, that there are many gaps still remaining .

I encourage anyone who feels they can contribute to do so. Even a short page will be a tremendous help in this effort... or just an outline or skeleton of a document... or an addition to or clarification of a previously started document.

The ultimate goal is for the wiki documentation to become a complete guide to Xoops - from installation to administration to theme customization to module development.

Even if you do not feel you are very knowledgable about Xoops, you are probably wrong ... you have probably learned many things that are not yet documented. Maybe you learned from personal experience installing or customizing your own site, or maybe you learned by reading/discussing something on the forums.

No contribution is too small! We need your help to complete this huge task!

[NOTE: For those new to a wiki... it is a platform for collaborative document writing. Anyone can edit the content to make improvements, additions, and corrections! See for some assistance.]

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