Ask Michelle - Ack No RC2 Last Weekend?!

Date 2002/1/29 12:44:30 | Topic: News

Yes, unfortunately we were not able to release RC2 this past weekend.
If you all are disappointed, how do you think I feel? But hey, that's coders for you. They want to release a bug free product, even if it'll be a beta candidate.
Why? Simple. We discovered some bugs in RC 1.3, so the developers are now testing RC 1.4. Plus we are making some changes to the articles system that will get us closer to the goal of finally being able to run more professional looking websites and get us away from the standard, "blah" weblog look. I mean think about it.

If our RC2 release is clean right off the bat, that means with the code freeze in place and less bugs to report and fix, we can get to Final with all the upgrade options faster than if we released a buggy beta. It also means an easier time for Mod and Theme developers as well.

It's our goal that once Xoops is implemented on a wide scale that people don't look at all your sites and go, "oh, another weblog. Or oh, you are running one of them thar nuke sites." So we're doing some stuff with the article system now, to make it cleaner and easier to use.

Now with all of that said, you are still asking, yes, but when? Again, I don't like making predictions, but I would say within 2 weeks. But this is just an estimate, don't yell at us if this passes. I would say this is about 70 percent sure.

Also if you like to know the progress just look at the first message on the homepage, it tells you which version the devs are working on.

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