The XOOPS Wiki site has been renewed

Date 2003/5/15 14:32:00 | Topic: XOOPS

The XOOPS Wiki site has been renewed (thanks goes to mbogosian for creating a nice outline of the documentation) and is now also open to anybody who would like to participate in creating a full-featured documentation for XOOPS2. This means anybody can edit any page on the site at any time. All changes are kept under revision control, and can be tracked on the Recent Changes page, so please do not abuse the system.

Since XOOPS2 has now entered a "stable" stage of development, we will be spending much more time on enhancing the documention until the next release. We also welcome you all to take time looking into the documentation and add comments/pages where appropriate to help other users of the XOOPS Commutnity.

The XOOPS Team

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