WF-Section B5 released

Date 2003/5/3 14:08:45 | Topic: Modules

WF-Section B5 released for testing.

This version addresses more or less all the bugs that where reported via the WF-Section website and others that I found myself.

This IS the last beta (to filter out any new bugs) and this includes many new options, code changes and many other bits done. I will not be adding any new parts until v1.1 now!

This new version includes (not all):
1. New improved Section config area, with more options. Now can use HTML for headers and footers (bug fix).
2. Improved groupaccess (Can be used by Xoops core for user modules now and can use XoopsForm class).
3. Added options for showing text/html on main index page (with smilies of course).
4. Added more options in config to alter area's of WF users area.
5. Added Comments back, but you can still retain your earlier WF-Comments from previous versions.
6. Menu blocks have been updated to have a Xoops 2 feel.
7. WF-Section now has an Article managment system for easier handling of you articles.
8. Added Auto publish, auto expire, offline and online options to WF-Section (offline is usefull for updating articles so you users do not see the change).
9. As from B4, WF-Section has its own upload filemanger system. You can edit, delete or rename files anywhere on your server.
10. As from B4, you can use HTML files as an article.
11. you can choose whether to show users real name or username.
12. Can change the author of an article at any time.
13. The WYSIWYG editor as been fixed and should not add extra spaces or < br > tags when saving.

and many other changes!

To do for final version:
1. Finish the new look to each area.
2. Update scripts for Section and N-Section modules.
3. Re-order code for Section and articles (Yes is about to happen at last).
4. Multi- uploads.
5. Fine tune the new mime class with uploads (image width/ allowed uploads etc and thumbs for section images).

You can download WF at the WF-Section Website

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