Those Horde Applications are now Xoops

Date 2003/5/5 15:24:59 | Topic: XOOPS

UPDATE.. After talking with wjue, I'm donating some bandwith for those that can not get to his site to download these modules. If you want them, DL them at:




I am pleased to put this note here that I just released XingSLI 1.0: the Xoops port of Kronolith 1.0 Final.

Kronolith is the calendar application from the Horde Project ( Right now, XingSLI implements a stand-alone calendar system, allowing repeating events, all-day events, custom fields, keywords, and multiple users management. It provides SQL and MCAL backend libraries.
Three other Horde applications, Imp 3.2.1 (WebMail), Turba 1.2 (AddressBook) and Nag 1.1 (TaskList) were intergrated in one single package named ImpXoopsMail, ImpXoopsMail has also been released recently.

All these modules require at least Horde Framework 2.3.1, a recent version of PEAR, PHP DOMXML and gettext extension.

Download on my site ( , and also on download section of

(All merits should go to the Horde Dev. Team and all imperfections are mine, please DO NOT repport XingSLI and ImpXoopsMail errors in Horde Support Forums.)


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