4D Release Free Open Source Content Management System

Date 2002/1/23 3:47:21 | Topic: News

Here's the press release:
The site itself:

FAQ section announces that the source code will be made available "shortly" so that it can be customised.

I thought it might be of interest to people here for several reasons:

1) 4D is a commercial company releasing a free, open source ("soonish"), CMS with the intention of boosting sales of their other database and webserving software.

2) Despite being released on 10 December, there really isn't much activity on their support forum. Why is there so little interest in the product, compared to XOOPS?

3) For students of psychology out there one can detect a real tension in the support forum from a commercial company trying to work in an open source way.

4) There is documentation for administrators downloadable as a PDF file with other documentation to come. Could serve as a good model for XOOPS developers.

Looks like XOOPS does have a good future.


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