Hotel Room Reservation System on XOOPS

Date 2015/12/30 20:20:00 | Topic: Modules

I've discovered few days ago on on Google Code an interesting XOOPS module for Hotel Room Reservation!

Original Image

While it is 5 years old, it seems very advanced, and it got very good score from Scrutinizer: Original Image

But it was hard to understand sometimes the features, because it was hard-coded in Chinese. So the first thing that I did was to convert it to use language variables and upgrade it to XOOPS 2.5.x GUI, and now it should be easier to study it

At the moment I don't know if it will be generic enough to use it, but at least we should be able to extract some ideas and some code for other modules.

Anybody wants to help? You know the drill: FORK IT and contribute back!

Repair Shop

This Hotel Reservation System reminds me of another very cool module developed by Philou from XOOPS France: the Repair Shop, which also scored very high: Original Image

You can check out the documentation for Repair Shop here (in English and French), and the module itself is on GitHub:

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