New Friendfinder 3.10

Date 2003/2/23 17:45:54 | Topic: Modules

Hi @all,

I kow that it took some time for the friendfinder release. You weill find new features and bugfixes. Please read the readme.txt if you like to upgrade you existing friendfinder run upgrade.php. Please be careful with updating and try it first on your local mashine.


What has been changed in the friendfinder with the new version 3.10:
- add.php pic.php new upload meshanism which should allow uploading in php safemode and index.html will also added for every new folder
- add.php when user already has a profile he won't get access to this page.
- index.php user will only see the links he needed and that he can use.
- search.php has been completely re-written.
- view.php has been completly re-written.
- gpl licence included.
- directfriends integration for friendfinder.
- pictures can be changed for the complete module in the admin area.
- Polish lang files included
- Frensh lang files included
- Italian lang files included
- tchinese lang files included
- Portugese lang files included
- admin area main config admin can now allow/disallow profiles editing, deleting profiles and picture upload
- Posibility to say if country could be added or searched
- Bugfix XoopsCodec does not work this bug has been fixed.
- grenerateimg php has been implemented therefor the gd libary is needed.

Greetings Manuel alias eagle81

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