Wf-Section 0.9.3 update/bugfix

Date 2003/2/15 18:25:36 | Topic: Modules

I have just did a few minor updates to iron out a few bugs in WF-Section and these include:

2003/02/14 0.9.3
Moved WYSIWYG images into WF-Section Images,
Removed Groupaccess from wfsection/includes/ as this was causing Xoops search to only display one item.

Only draw back on this is that your users will see articles that they do not have permission too but they will still not have access to anyway.

Added the readme back into the archive.

Removed a few lines that would cause an error with PHP 4.3.0, these where in: class/wfarticle.php and wfcategory.php
Removed the da.gif and replaced this with a blank gif (this affects the

Also, if you have updated from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2 and getting blank pages? This is due to you not running the update.php script in the wfsection directory.

please remove the WYSIWYG directory from xoopsroot/images as it no longer required.

This will be the last Xoops v1 version.

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