[Free] Serenity Orange Theme for XOOPS!

Date 2013/7/15 0:30:00 | Topic: Themes

Serenity Orange is a XOOPS theme written in HTML5 and CSS3, and uses the Bootstrap CSS framework, and was developed using the new xTheme Factory, which will be released soon.

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The theme is fully responsive even your 3D slide.

Serenity Orange was developed considering web accessibility, an exclusive bar at the top for this, where the user can browse through the content of your quick links, increase and decrease the main text as well as enable mode contrast to who has difficulty reading.

The theme has navigation shortcuts using the accesskey attribute of HTML, see below:

SHIFT + ALT + 0 = Show / Hide the bar Accessibility

SHIFT + ALT + 1 = Skip to the horizontal menu

SHIFT + ALT + 2 = Skip to the main content

SHIFT + ALT + 3 = Skips to social networks

SHIFT + ALT + 4 = Increase font size

SHIFT + ALT + 5 = Decrease font size

SHIFT + ALT + 6 = Place the source in its default size

SHIFT + ALT + 7 = Turns the contrast

This navigation bar is an initial idea, soon more shortcuts will be added for facilitating the navigation of people who have some deficiency.

You can see the theme online at the following address:




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