XOOPS selected to power TQM department in the Saudi Ministry of Education

Date 2013/4/14 9:37:49 | Topic: YAXS

We are looking for a powerful, secure, easy CMS and fully arabized “ that was the request of the TQM (Total Quality Management) department in the Saudi Ministry of Education – Jeddah branch, two months ago.

Many competing CMS solutions has been proposed by many known companies and developers, but never satisfied the team’s need. I suggest them to use XOOPS, and I provided them with some samples of many websites powered by XOOPS with a test link to check the administration area.

We like the simplicity of XOOPS, and we feel that it’s the best solution for our website, it provides the best combination of feature, security and simplicity, Go ahead dear Mariane and adopt XOOPS for our new project”.

That was their reply! And surely it was expected! XOOPS is the best.

Original Image

The website is running on XOOPS 2.5.5 Arabic version using the following modules:
- Publisher (cloned many times for multiple usages)
- My album
- Poll
- Contact 1.8
- Xforms
- Ourpartners
- TDMDonloads
- Simple counter

The theme is based on default theme, and all pictures are bought from dreamstime.com

I am very proud that XOOPS has been selected this time by the Saudi government!


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