TDMCreate module version 1.39 Beta 1 for Test

Date 2013/3/24 22:48:13 | Topic: Modules

After just released beta version 1.38.6 we continue with the development of the module, adding features that were already planned for some time that solve problems with entering the decimal version of the string, and other errors due to old code, such as:

1) Removing the superfluous code.
2) Removal of unused files.
3) Fixing the bug that occurred when creating blocks.
4) Replace and rename some items that relate to the functions so that they are in the English language default.
5) Added code php file in the user side.
6) Amended and added code to the template files.

On the administrative side has also been modified and the table modules_ in mod_ and tables_ in table to improve readability of the code.

I hope I did the right thing, divided language files, the various references quotes to the definitions of the constants:

define (''"");

in this way it will be easier to read both the right and left edges of the definitions.

The idea is to go to a version 1.90 which then bind up 2.01 in the current alpha version ready for xoops 2.6.0.

As you go forward with future versions, we will try to reduce the extra code and keep up with the releases of new versions of PHP.

To download the module, go to the downloads section of my site.

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