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Adverse Reactions Australia -

Adverse Reactions Australia is a website established by the medico-legal professionals Dr Yolande Lucire & Associates. It concentrates on adverse chemical reactions leading to suicide and homicide from the incorrect bonding of chemicals to proteins.

This site strategist to target both friends, family and patient that may be experiencing mood swings, abnormal and harmful thoughts and generally any patient who hasn't had their drug pathways (CYP9) tested before the procedure of medication and as it is in Australia forced care for mental health.

Quoting the about us:

We are a carefully selected associates of doctors, who practice in the best interest of our clients and their families. We look at malpractice and the incorrect dosage of pharmaceuticals in the general mental health and general health categories of both post and pre-doctrinal care to carefully look whether our client have been delivered the easiest form of care with pharmaceutical and other forms of health.

There is many different reasons for health care that offer you the wider variety of legal and para-legal services for the adoption of good health care and a wise judgement in the processes of care.

Currently we are looking for people and families who have had adverse reactions to pharmaceutical and other forms of medication which have provided an incorrect doctrine theology of the patient which combines mistakes on antidepressant, antipsychotic or mood stabiliser in pharmacology of a patient or family member.

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