LinkedIN Bomb 1.02 - LinkedIn.Com API Application

Date 2012/6/6 15:36:26 | Topic: Modules

LinkedIN Bomb 1.02
Community Release by Slim Money

Linked in bomb is a great application for anyone needing to do direct marketing from their linkedin profile. With a block for signing in, you can either log into your xoops then authorise the linkedin account to be associated with your Username or Sign-up and log into your site using linked-in itself.

The idea of this site tool, is to harvest information for direct marketing purposes from linked-in from the 1st to 3rd degree of your profile as well as anyone else signing into the site using linked-in.

You can do the following in the admin:
  • Browse persons you have imported
  • Browse profiles you have imported
  • Send emails to anyone who address is recorded
  • Connect to Instant Messaging with the username
  • Send tweet to someone using TwitterBomb scheduler
  • Browse phone numbers for marketing and sales purposes

You can do the following in the user site:
  • Signin with the block
  • Browse your imported profile

This application was written for the sole purpose of direct marketing mortgages off linkedin for Slim Money a mortgage brokager we are setting up in XOOPS.

You can download it from:

Download: - 228 KB

Mirror: - 228 KB

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