Songlist 1.11 - Hyme or Karaoki Song List

Date 2012/4/16 5:30:00 | Topic: Modules

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Songlist 1.11 - Hyme or Karaoki Song List

Songlist allows you to place songs with associations of category, artists, genre & album into a database. It then allows for them to be searched on and voted for purposes like a karioki list. Songs based on a XML File can be imported. This is ideal for anyone wanting to compile a list of song, of course the module can be modified to make other modules and was written for an anonymous doner from

Complete with browse by character and search, song list allows for a paginated display of songs, albums or artists which have been either manually or through and XML File imported. Perfect for anyone wanting to maitain a karioki play list.

Some Features Include
  • Adjustable Memory and Time limites for large data masses
  • Categories with Child relationship
  • Artists List with Song Association
  • Albums with Artists and Song association
  • Genre with song association
  • Singing Type (Solo/Duet)
  • Song Request email and notification
  • Search based on Song Title or Lyrics
  • Blue room

Bugs Fixed
  • SEO Fixed
  • Warnings & Notices
  • User Pagination
  • Database Optimization and Indicies
  • Code Bottle Necks
  • Templating Issues
  • Import Feature & Limiter
  • Singer Filter in Search
  • Categories for artists
  • Category Images

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Sourceforge: - 267Kb

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