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Date 2012/4/2 15:30:00 | Topic: Themes

Hello everybody!

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A long time since I posted here, so I decided to release a new theme for XOOPS. Like usual, this is a nearly imageless theme using lots and lots of CSS3.

Gentle is a nice XOOPS theme where I tried to do things a little different. I wanted to make it feel a bit less XOOPS-like and use accents I rarely used before.

This introduced pink to this theme, which really makes it look different from what I’ve done before and really gives the theme a unique feel.

Best of all, I’m releasing this theme for free :)

You can watch it live on my demo installation on

You can download it for free on (don't worry the webshop part - it's completely free!)

I hope you enjoy this theme - feedback, questions or suggestions are welcome on!

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