x2 theme for xoops 2.0 totally upgraded!

Date 2003/2/5 9:24:32 | Topic: Themes

Later of work a ton , and with the colaboration of aitor and a little of clean up of eric, the new X2 Theme are enhanced.

well, [HERE] can download the x2t theme

[ HERE ] can see the x2t theme working. (not added the double columns.

the instalation is really simple :

1 - Unzip in a local hard disk.
2 - Be sure that the xoops 2.0 have all the modules installed.
3 - Go to the theme manager and browse the theme ( x2t[xx-xx-2003].tar.gz )in you local hdd, proceed.
4 - into preferences change the theme to x2t theme.
5 - enjoy.

New features :

NEW LAYOUT: when install the theme go to see that the center-center blocks go to the bottom (many people request this) and the center-left and center-right remain in the top, with the module info in the middle.

OLD LAYOUT: into the EXTRAS dir too have a skin.html file that if you replace into the theme skin with copy and paste obtain that the center-center blocks appear in the top (like how the old x2t theme).

NEWS IN TWO COLUMNS: later of installed the theme with the theme manager into the news need upload or copy and paste the files news_index.html and news_item.html that are into the EXTRAS dir to the respective places and obtain a news with 2 columns.

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