Speedtest 1.03 - Internet Speed Test

Date 2011/12/29 20:02:43 | Topic: Modules

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Speedtest 1.03 - Internet Speed Test
Community Release by Fibredyne Pty Ltd

Speed test is based on Brandon Checketts opens source speed test (see: http://www.brandonchecketts.com/open-source-speedtest)

* Upload and download bandwidth tests
* Interactive user experience
* Very customizable
* Saves results in a database
* Restrict to particular networks / IP Addresses
* Customizable look
* Customizable maximum file sizes

Whats Changed in this version
* No more CGI (all in php)

Bugs Fixed
* None Object Name Call of Form Submission

Special Thanks to M. Dagn from www.spraci.com for converting the perl to PHP

Download: xoops2.5_speedtest_1.03.zip - 114Kbs
Sourceforge: xoops2.5_speedtest_1.03.zip - 114Kbs
Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Bugs & Comments: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=343358#forumpost343358

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