Flowplayer 1.07 - Secure File or RTMP Stream Video's

Date 2011/12/6 19:49:47 | Topic: Modules

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Flowplayer 1.07 - Secure video playback, File or RTMP Streams
Community Release by Fibredyne Pty Ltd.

Flowplayer 1.07 is a module for display securely video streams. It allows various customisable options like blocks and video stream content to allow for video streams to list themselves within your XOOPS Site.

Watch this introductory video on Flowplayer 1.02:

XOOPS Offers a range of choice and solutions the following module includes these features:

  • XOOPS 2.5 Gui
  • RTMP Services like Wowza and Matrixstream
  • Administration for Listing Video Streams
  • Customisable ID References
  • Video Stream Block
  • Width and Height Customisation
  • AJAX Video Stream Loading so your URL are not exposed
  • Minute by Minute Passkey protection
  • Forcable JQuery
  • Customiable Encryption Salt

Why work your but off when you can create a module from this freely distributed listing module today!

  • XOOPS 2.5

Whats New in this feature:
  • Session Based Tokening System (trabis)
  • Minor Language Fixes (Block Form)
  • File Playback controller specification

See changelog.txt for all details of changes

Download: xoops2.5_flowplayer_1.07.zip (244Kb)
Sourceforge: xoops2.5_flowplayer_1.07.zip (244Kb)
Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Forum Thread: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=342896#forumpost342896

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