XShop 1.07 - Alpha

Date 2011/8/14 18:52:30 | Topic: Modules

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XShop 1.07 - alpha
Bay Shopping for XOOPS 2.4 or XOOPS 2.5

This is an alpha proposal for Shop modules, XShop 1.07 has offering the most advance shop sequencer in the world, with discounts and full video HTML Windows for describing the item. With complete RSS Noded. Itemised and multilingual and compatiable for XLanguage implmentation. There are some more features to add like multifielding which will be added at a later stage as this is an alpha.

Utilised by XPayment for payment transactions with internal processes to talk to XPayment this requires XPayment 1.33 RC4 or later to run.

Xpayment allows you to have multiple shops which can be timed to display at particular times into a database, and aggregate via services like RSS Nodes for all Products, manufatures, shipping everything there is completely with RSS Attachable items including also is Meta Description and meta keywords also attachable to everything for the ulitimate SEO. You will be able to run a categories of products attached to shops and have your products recommend based on rank to people in commonly bought patterns this is Bay shopping for XOOPS made from the segments of language nodes so you can assign langauge to each node based on XLanguage

Since this version it is an alpha not designed for production machines.

Check out Xshop in action YouTube with this How To Instruction Video:

New Features Include
  • Mulitple Shops
  • Multiple Parented Categories
  • XPayment for Invoicing
  • Gallery
  • Bay Style Shopping
  • JSON Shopping Cart
  • XLanguage Compatibility

Some Future Features Include
  • Image Upload
  • Multifielding
  • Bidding and Auctioning

Bugs Fixed

Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Download: xoops2.5_xshop_1.07.zip - 6.6Mb

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