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Date 2011/8/13 6:00:00 | Topic: XOOPS

This is to let you know that DJ has resigned from the XOOPS Council.

I am happy to announce that:

- Trabis (who was in charge of XOOPS 2.4.x series)
- ForMuss (who was in charge of XOOPS 2.5.x series)
- BitC3R0 (author of the EXM fork and RMCommon utilities)

have agreed to take the lead on creating bug-free XOOPS 2.5.2, and on working together on XOOPS 2.6. We'll be also reaching out to other top developers who have been active in the past in XOOPS but left XOOPS for various reasons.

There might be also a possibility that Onokazu will be joining us as well, although I didn't speak with him yet directly, so I cannot confirm it.

So the future for XOOPS users is assured - we have the currently top XOOPS developers (Trabis, ForMuss, BitC3R0) forming a strong team to lead us forward.

I firmly believe that the worst is behind us, and with Trabis, ForMuss, BitC3R0 we'll have finally a great team environment, where contributions from all members will be valued and appreciated.


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