x-vboard V0.1 : some kind of a shoutbox without typing!

Date 2003/1/6 11:47:48 | Topic: Modules

Original ImageAfter last month's release of x-vmail, the xoops module for voice emails, the time has come to release x-vboard. As the name says, it is some kind of a vocal-board, a little bit like the shoutbox module but without typing.

Here are some features of the x-vboard module:
- users can instantly record and listen to a server based pool of vocal messages even with a low bandwidth modem connection
- listen to existing voice messages, listed in a pulldown list, sorted chronologically
- shows the username of the voice message, subject-titel, date and time.
- instant playback of the message, streamed from server, using a tiny applet of www.vimas.com, coded specially for xoops. (Thanks to Sergey at Vimas Technologies, www.vimas.com)
- Pop-up recording window, acoustic preview, send to server, listen from server, status line.
- Excellent audio quality for voice messages, voice compression to 4800bps ( 36K per minute)
- demo applet of www.vimas.com limits the recording time per message to 20 sec. The licensed applet's recording time per message can be set in accordance with your own preferences.

You may test this module here

and download it there

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